.3dm import problem

 From:  tomot
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thank you for your comments, Micheal

I go thought this every day, we live in a world with too many standards.
This is not a good thing for the end user, because way to much time is being
wasted just getting things from one format into another. I thank God I didn't go out and buy Vista
(just a vent...no reply needed!)

I notice that a torus made with Modo is quite a bit smoother, than a torus imported from Moi in LWO format.
I presume thats part of the problem you described in your inital reply?

Regardless, there needs to be a may to import and export between different software applications.
In the final analysis Moi needs to perform this task well, before I would go out and buy it.

I hope you will accept my comments as constructive :)