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 From:  Michael Gibson
844.2 In reply to 844.1 
Hi Arquebus, thanks for the feedback!

It's a fairly complex area to make the UI editable on the fly like that. There's just a lot of work involved to do it well (like by drag/drop, docking, etc) so that probably won't happen very soon, but I would like to try it eventually.

However, if you don't mind editing a text file in notepad, you can edit the UI definition files to set it up the way you want in the current beta.

To do this, start up notepad and open the file SidePane.htm, which is in the \ui subfolder under MoI's main folder in \Program files.

The file is fairly straightforward, there are different elements for different palettes and buttons.

In your case, you want to find this section:

<moi:PaletteHeader id="EditViewSelectHeader" ...>
<... some stuff inside here ...>
<.... some stuff inside here ....>

There's a total of 61 lines of stuff that makes up the edit/view/select menu. Just cut it from there and paste it at the end of the file before the closing </body> tag. After you do that, the UI will have the edit/view/select menu at the bottom like you want the next time you run MoI.

The only problem with this is that you'll have to repeat this with every new install, so you may want to copy these directions somewhere that you can get back to later on.

> You might also want to consider making a Maya type of hotbox menus
> for really quick access and to give more viewport space. Also an option
> for a text only menu would keep all the menus open all the time.

I do want to add some options for stuff like this, especially icon only / text only options for the UI, but I just didn't have time to get that in for V1.

Actually removing the icons is another thing you can do manually by editing the SidePane.htm file as well - to do this find the section near the top that has this:


and edit it to say this instead:


That will remove the icons from the side pane and only leave the text label. One cool thing is that it will leave the icons for just the little pop-up menu thing like the options under Boolean, etc..

The UI is actually extremely malleable, just not by a mouse-oriented drag/drop type method yet.

- Michael