From:  Michael Gibson
839.2 In reply to 839.1 
Hi Ypnos,

> How can I move a face back if i've decided that it is too far out?

It depends on the situation, but one possible way is to use a boolean to slice off the end of a protrusion to make it shorter.

If you aren't satisifed with one part of a model you can also just select the faces you want to change and delete them, and draw in a replacement piece that is more to your liking, then use Edit/Join to glue all the pieces back into a solid.

It is also possible to do more "low level" surgery on an object by using Edit/Separate to break it up from a solid into just individual surfaces. You are more free to edit an individual surface with a point cage for instance. When you're done tweaking the surfaces you can then join them back into a solid using Edit/Join, providing you didn't open up any holes in the object.

In a future version of MoI the kind of editing that you are interested in will get better with a deeper history mechanism. Ideally if you created some kind of protrusion by extrude, if there was a deeper history mechanism you could go back later on and tweak the distance of the extrude to change the model. This works in some limited situations now, but not after you have done booleans or trimming type operations on an object. But when that history mechanism gets improved it will help in these types of situations.

- Michael