Object Cage question

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Moeamaya,

> Is this the way most nurbs modelers work, for instance Rhino?

Yup, that's why NURBS modelers in general work well with Industrial and mechanical type shapes. Those are the types of shapes that can be generated quickly from curve outlines and also involve a lot of stuff like cuts and punching holes in things.

> What's the difference between this and 3dsmax and C4d?

Those have a very different way to construct objects - over there you tend to work with a cage of points that have polygons connecting between the points. You'll add new points by breaking edges or extruding small faces, and then manipulate the resulting points some more. That focus on manipulating points in 3D space is kind of more like a sculpting type method, you push and pull little bits around in 3D space.

That sculpting method is really great for making highly organic shapes with little details in them like a human face. But at the same time it is extremely tedious for trying to make accurate industrial shapes, for example just cutting an exact circular hole in something doesn't work well over there.

So which one is better really depends on the particular model that you're trying to make. If you're making a detailed monster use a polygon / subdivision surface modeler. If you're making a man-made industrial type shape like say a remote control, then a NURBS modeler is way quicker and more accurate for that type of thing.

- Michael