mesh wishes for 1.X and beyond

 From:  cronbg
Just a little idea concerning meshing:

If you save a file as e.g. an *.lwo-file, the first thing moI does is to calculate the meshes based on the default setting of 12 degrees. After this is done, you are provided with the settings-dialog where you can refine your meshes.
I think it would be much better to first provide the dialog and then let the user start the process of meshing from there. This is because the way it currently works, you always have to wait for the initial meshing to complete even if you are sure you will need to customize the settings. On complex meshes this can result in a significant time to wait - definitely enough to get a coffee ;-)

Another nice improvement would be to provide a way to save custom mesh-settings as user defined presets. After all, meshing is not unlike printing and every decent printer driver should offer a way to save and recall settings.