mesh wishes for 1.X and beyond

 From:  Michael Gibson
836.10 In reply to 836.9 
Hi Jonah, I see what you mean now.

But those vertices are not exactly out of place - they are positioned on the surface and on the edge curve as expected. This is generally one of the kinds of artifacts that can happen when generating a very rough low poly mesh.

I guess what you would prefer in this situation would be for another subdivision to happen on those longer n-gons so that they match up better with the outer boundary. I may be able to add some kind of analysis to try and tune up situations like this, I guess it would involve some kind of measurement to detect significantly non-planar n-gons and divide them some more. But the tricky part is to find some measurement that is not dependent on a hard-coded distance so that it works on objects of any scale.

This artifact will happen only for certain angles, because you'll see it when the angle is right at some kind of boundary condition, like one piece of the surface is just barely within that angle next to another spot that is just outside of that angle, that leads to different levels of subdivision which causes this.

You can also use some of the other controls to try and produce some additional subdivisions to solve it - for example Divide larger than 2 units, or Aspect ratio limit 20 in this case, but that will produce some additional details elsewhere as well.

- Michael