mesh wishes for 1.X and beyond

 From:  jbshorty
Hi Michael. At this moment i am happy with Moi's mesher for handling single objects. But there's still a few things which I would like to see in the future:

**UV nesting option (as Rhino does for OBJ export)
**support for mesh objects in Moi (n-gon of course), so we can mesh objects one by one and then export all in one LWO file.
**option to "merge" a new mesh object into an existing LWO or OBJ file.
**option to sort objects by name, layer, grouping, etc when exporting (i understand this might wait until V2.0)
**limiting n-gons to specific faces by clicking on them while meshing
**when meshing multiple objects at once, would like option to create a single disjoint mesh object.