Placing spheres on knots/vertices

 From:  martin_8bits (MARTIN_ST)
Thank you guys. Great community here!
I read interesting things concerning the node editor. I will check it out.

To be more concrete according my project.
I have a file from a finite element mesh incl. outer and inner nodes with specific outer loadings for each node stored in the file.
As mentioned above, I want to place a sphere in each node paramterized with the outer loading (stress value).
After that I want join all neighbouring spheres with cylinders and perform a boolean operation.
At the and I'm going to perform a retopo operation to gain somekind of a metaball like structure (can be done in Cinema4D too via workarounds).
The aim is to generate a lightweight structure for solid real world workpieces made of selective laser melting/sintering.

You will hear from me.