Placing spheres on knots/vertices

 From:  Karsten (KMRQUS)
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Hello Marco,

you can use the cat50x50.csv from libelle. Create the node and choose the file - thats it. Now you have a pointarray at the output. If you have a look in the Info you will understand how it works;-)
The node works with absolute path-names, so it would only confuse others, that only have a quick look in the nodefile. It's only a draft that has to be improved and I'm not an expert of file handling and parsing :-( If there are comment lines in the CSV-File you can choose a start phrase and an end phrase for start and end of evaluation the columns. You can switch to numarray to evaluate only one column. You choose the column by the number in one of the fields (starting with 0 for the first column) "-1" means no evaluation for pointarrays a default value will be set.

Have a nice weekend