Placing spheres on knots/vertices

 From:  Karsten (KMRQUS)
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Hello Pilou,

I don't have any plans to make a fork of the elephant - everything I made is an addition to Maxs untouched core development (I put it all together, because I think it is easier to handle for other users). And if Max change something important - I have to change the nodes - so I did it in the past.
I try also to understand Max philosophy and make it compatible to the planned workflow. It is possible that most of the nodes and solutions are someday obsolete - so it was in the past, but some ideas of me and others may help to get a better tool. I don't know if I can handle all that stuff - every help, every idea is welcome. I don't know why I try to create nodes - maybe just for fun, maybe it is exciting to see what is possible and what others try to do. I try to understand this tool and check the possibilities - If I would need a finished tool, I would buy grasshopper.

Everything is limited in general and my programming skill in special - my nodes don't have the quality or performance of Max ones, but you have always the freedom to play with them, or ignore them, or improve them, or make proposals for better solutions, create something with them, ....

Have a nice weekend

p.s.:I switched back to this thread, because I don't want to confuse other users with my posts.