Placing spheres on knots/vertices

 From:  mkdm
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Hi Karsten and good morning.

Thanks a lot or your update! Now "Project Elephant" is going in a very promising direction.

Could you please post a practical example with a nod file and some csv files, in order to show us how to use the new CSV node ?

I post here an updated version of your "Project Elephant", the version v.0.85mod5

It's almost identical to your version but it has includes the "objectsExt.js" with the "SelectedObjExt" node that I wrote some times ago.

This node is an updated version of "Selected" node, that allows to specify the order of selected objects : "By Selection" or "By Creation".

It's very useful in order to obtain different elaborations of the same data.

Here's the archive :

Have a nice day,

- Marco (mkdm)