Placing spheres on knots/vertices

 From:  Karsten (KMRQUS)
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Hello Martin,

I'm also using fea for the job. I think it is a good choice to use the nodeeditor as a tool for that. Support of different geometries and different fea output formats are easy to handle, if some missing nodes are made. The mesh and output of calculix (.dat), openFOAM via ParaVIEW would be possible to support also. I don't have a look to ANSYS in the past, because I use the WB, but now I'm curious:-) I think it's also possible to select only the biggest joined object with a filter node. If you think a special script would do the job in a better way - the nodeditor can help to design the workflow and logic - the code can give you the examples.

Have a nice day

p.s.: I've used in the past: CALCULIX/NETGEN, CATIA GPS/GAS/ANL, OpenFOAM (flow), COMSOL (magnetics/heat transfer/flow), ANSYS(mechanical/thermal/CFX) (it seems that i'm an old man) - but I've never heard VisualFEA before? What is the reason/advantage to choose this tool?