Double-sided mesh materials

 From:  3dvisuals dude (ODWYERVISUALS)
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Hi Michael,

sorry it's been so long on a reply... I had a few non-MOI issues to square away before I had a chance to get back to this forum.

I guess I misunderstood what you meant by "double-sided materials" in that other thread here then, I thought you meant that the normals would be outward-facing in relation to both sides of an open mesh's surface.

Either way, it's not really a major issue with trueSpace's Virtual Multi-User Scene designs created in MOI until you start making some very exotic an unorthodox types of structures intended for realtime user walkthroughs... I tend to do that a lot though, letting my imagination in regard to Virtual Architecture extend well beyond what real-wrold standards would allow. As a result of that tendency I get into some unusual normals issues accordingly.

No sweat though, I've found numerous related workarounds, some in MOI, some in trueSpace, and some in 3rd party utilities.

I just thought your earlier post in regard to "double-sided materials" meant you were creating some kind of new ~dual normal~ aspect to open mesh surfaces within MOI upon OBJ export, I didn't realize it applied only to rendering.

No big deal though, I'm still "a MOI Lifer"... I love this program more and more every single day!

Thanks for the clarification,

- 3dvisuals dude