Double-sided mesh materials

 From:  Michael Gibson
811.2 In reply to 811.1 
Hi 3d visuals dude, I'm not really sure how to specify double-sided materials in an OBJ format though...

OBJ materials are specified by use of a separate .mtl file, and looking through the definition of those, I didn't see anything mentioned for that.

I'm not sure if having double-sided rendering materials would really help for your "walk" through problem - I think it is possible that a collision detection system may need the actual geometry normals to be oriented as it expects, rendering materials may not apply to that situation.

Does trueSpace have a "flip normals" or "reverse" function somewhere? That's what you would want to use in this case.

I do want to add some mechanism to view and flip the normals from within MoI, but that won't be ready for the initial V1 version.

- Michael