Double-sided mesh materials

 From:  3dvisuals dude (ODWYERVISUALS)
Hi Michael,

In post # 798.19 here you stated the following and I too think it's a great idea:

If you export a closed solid from MoI, MoI will do some work to automatically orient normals towards the "outside" direction of the solid. But if you export open surfaces, there won't be any automatic orientation. Due to the Modo flipping bug, you won't be able to flip it properly in Modo so to render it properly you will need to turn on double-sided rendering for the render material.

I think I will tune this up so that open meshes will get a double-sided material set on them by default on export from MoI.

I often create MOI models for use in trueSpace as actual Virtual Environments, where via trueSpace they can be used to create fully interactive 3D Scenes, which when afterward are placed in Caligari's multi-user online servers, can be accessed via Caligari's "truePlay" program (which available to anyone free by the way) and people can walk around in these environments, meet others from all over the world, interact with the objects in these scenes, and even use directional sound and voice with other users in them.

The problem I've had in the past with making some of these environments in MOI is the issue you stated above, in that when I export these models from MOI as OBJ models and then load them into truePlace to attach interactive scripts and such, the surfaces of some of these models cannot be "walked on" as an Avatar inside the scenes or one falls right through them.

As a workaround I've used two methods all along, one being format converters which allow me to reverse normals on a per-triangle basis, and the other workaround has been using "shell" in MOI during the creation process to add a double-sided aspect to open meshes. These methods usually worked fine for me, and since my issues with this were probably unique I didn't even bother you with them.

This "double-sided material" "tune up" you mentioned in another thread here would resolve these issues for trueSpace users permanently though, and I just wanted you to know that it would be welcomed by trueSpace users as well as Modo users.


- 3dvisuals dude