Future Plug in of CAM

 From:  Jon Banquer (JON_BANQUER)
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I believe there is a big market for affordable CAM that's powerful enough to compete with Gibbs, Mastercam, etc. but sells for a lot less. Mecsoft ports Visual Mill to Rhino. They also are apparently going to port to Alibre. The owner of Mecsoft is one of the few people I have a lot or respect for in the CAM business. Suggest you get to know Joe Anand. Class act. Unigraphics background. Knows what machining job shops need in a CAM system.... graphical editing control over the toolpath, ability to change your mind on how you wish to machine parts without being penalized for changing your mind.

You might want to read his interview on the Novedge Blog.


Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA