From:  Michael Gibson
81.2 In reply to 81.1 
Hi Skello, I'm glad that you like MoI!

To create a tube around a curve (which I will call the path curve), draw a circle somewhere, such as the top view. Make sure it is located a distance away from the path curve. You can make it touching the path curve but if you do it must be arranged perpendicular to the path. If you have it away from the path then it will get automatically placed perpendicular in the next step.

Once you have your circle, select it and then run Construct / Sweep. At the prompt to select one or two rails, select your path and then push Done (or right click in a viewport). This will create a surface made up of that circle swept along that path curve.

Let me know if you need more info on how this works. If you have any trouble with something specific, please post the model file here.

> Also it will be cool to be able to have layers to put different
> curves and surfaces into which can be templated,displayed,
> etc.. and an ability to name or label curves if possible.

Something along these lines will definitely be coming eventually, but it might be a while. I kind of want to see if it is possible to do something a little bit better than traditional layers. I don't like how traditional layers kind of force a certain isolated arrangement. Like for instance if you have a car, you may want to have some type of set to represent the tires. But then you may also to have a different set for the front of the car, which also contains some tires in it... With regular layers you can't have this type of arrangement.

But I haven't exactly figured out all the details on how a better system would work. That's why it may be a while.

- Michael