New Jul-27 version available

 From:  jnge100
806.5 In reply to 806.4 
Hello Michael,

Thanks for the fast response.

I have just installed the test version Jul-30, after uninstalling the Jul-17 version. It works fine! Again I see the almost instant response to my mouseclicks I'm used to, the Jul-30 behaves the same way as the Jul-17 version regarding responsivness.

Now I'm very curious what might have caused this strange behaviour of the Jul-27 version on my system, especially since apperently sofar I'm the only one with this problem since no similar cases have been reported on this forum until now!?

(By the way, just to check things again, I also did uninstall the Jul-30 version and installed the Jul-27 version again. I again see the very slow response on my mouseclicks. Uninstalling Jul-27 followed by installing Jul-30: the speed is back again and everything acts normal. So whatever causes the problem, it is at least related to the Jul-27 version).