New Jul-27 version available

 From:  jnge100
806.3 In reply to 806.1 
Hello Michael,

Until now I have been using MOI for quite some time and I enjoy it immensly (I am surely on board when V1 with documentation, PDF?, is ready and the problem mentioned here can be solved). I did uninstall older versions an install newer versions whenever they were available and enjoyed teh evr increasing performance of MOI.

With the Jul-27 I have a strange problem however, which I haven't had before. It's suddenly very slow. For example, when I click on OPTIONS it takes some three seconds before the option window opens, when I click on one of the tabs in the options windows (for example: VIEW) it again takes about three seconds before the tab opens.

The same slow response is seen on all the commands (DRAW CURVE, DRAW SOLID, TRANSFORM etcetera). Drawing a simple line takes some ten seconds!! because having to waite for a response after evert mouseclick.

Even after uninstall and reinstall of the Jul-27 version, the slow response remains.
Even after shut down and restart of the PC, the slow reponse remains.

So I went back to the previous version, which I used without these problems: the Jul-17 version.
And indeed it works fine (as it used to do), with almost immedeatly response to my mouseclicks!

My PC:
AMD 64 4000+
3 Gb RAM
320 Gb HD
ATI X800 Pro 256 Mb
Windows XP PRO 32bits

Best Regards