Help ! Obj does not import int vue 6 Inf

 From:  rayman
I need help on a problem I have with import into Vue 6 inf.
I am now in contact with the support service of the makers
of Vue 6 inf for about 8 weeks now.We cant find the problem.
The Obj files I create in mois 3d only import into vue6 when I use
the triangulated export mode for obj. export.
Both the N-gon version and the triangl and quad version crash upon loading into vue 6
When I load them into Vue 5 inf (previous version) all works well.:(
I can use all 3 export settings !
So I sent some files to eon and they cant find any problems.
On Pcs and macs all files load perfectly.
So I tried to install the Vue6 inf on my laptop... and the same
thing happens with my files they crash there too.
Does anybody have a clue what could be wrong.
I would be extremly gratefull.
Best regards