Moi can be works on Pocket PC?

 From:  WillBellJr
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Well not to throw in a wrench, I was working at Nikon for 3 years developing a "NiCAD" package for their surveying department.

Granted, a 3rd party company had developed an AutoCAD compatible engine to run on the platform. We tried using that and ended up rolling our own CAD engine because it was taking them too long to iron out bugs and finish development.

Of course we're only talking 2D "DWG" drawings, but all the AutoCAD entities were there - actually now I'm wondering if they ever finished the product after I left? I need to peruse their website to see... :-p

So there are minimal CAD packages but yes, even if you could get a 3D engine on there, the minimal memory would limit you in a major way (not sure if sticking a 4Gig SD card in there would help; that's a hella lot of RAM but the speed accessing that memory would have to be evaluated.

I had to chuckle when I saw this request I have to admit!


PS - This appears to be that product, it had changed a bit since Nikon's survey dept. merged with Trimble Data Systems: