Moi can be works on Pocket PC?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Pilou, those PocketPCs need to have applications specially coded for them, so the current version of MoI will not work on them.

It will be pretty difficult to get MoI running well on one of those, MoI needs to do some pretty complex calculations and it depends on 3D graphics hardware to display its scenes. Those PocketPCs just are not designed to do more intensive processing like this.

But there is a different kind of small computer coming out these days, called an "UMPC" - Ultra Mobile PC. These are kind of like large PocketPCs, or small TabletPCs, but inside they function just like a regular PC and run a normal version of the Windows operating system instead of the specialized PocketPC operating system. So one of those UMPCs are more likely to work. But they still tend to be lacking in 3D graphics power right now though, so they are probably only suitable for less complex models.

- Michael