Loft question + ideas

 From:  X (HENRYX)
I am trying to design a hull from a few set of curves (stations) using the loft tool. My experience with other softwares tells me I should use as few stations as possible to get a fair hull, so I start with 3 stations (fore, mid and aft) and a bow profile. Whatever I have tried so far, the result provides a smooth hull profile, however, the lofted surface itself does not stick to it (see picture). I realize the loft may not be fair until I play some with the profiles (or using the lofted surface mesh), but that does not seem to help. There seems to be something else in the way the loft is computed that I do not understand. Can you comment?

It would be nice, once a loft is computed, to have access to its initial definition (loft options) so one can tweak it without having to delete and redo (or may be it can be done and I missed it altogether). It would also be nice to have some sort of finer control (such as a slide) beside the normal, loose or straight styles. I have not searched yet (should have), but may be you can clarify for me the loft options (especially refit and number of points) or point me to an existing thread...

Amazing work you are doing in any case and thank you for your eagerness to listen!


EDITED: 22 Jul 2007 by HENRYX