Rhino External Access

 From:  tyglik

I would like to illustrate how Rhino commands can be accessed from MoI via RhinoScript.

If you have got full Rhino version 3 or 4 (not only evaluation one), you can try this simple custom command that allow rebuilding a curve or group of curves. Of course, it is possible to write more sophisticated version of Rebuild command...

Unzip the attached file (Rhino version 3 or Rhino version 4) into the "C:\Program Files\MoI beta Jul-17-2007\commands" folder, then add a keyboard shortcut, for example:

F5       RhinoRebuild

Before using the command, you have to launch Rhino!

If both MoI and Rhino are runing, draw some curve/curves, then do F5 (or whatever your shortcut key is). Set number of control points in the command prompt. Select some curve/curves and push Done button.