bleeding mesh edges and exporting UV's

 From:  jbshorty
Hi rhumba. Sorry, perhaps i didn't explain very well. When exporting UV's i would like to have these options:

1) Nesting - Currently each UV group occupies the UV space from 0,0 to 1,1. Nesting means to fit them proportionally into one UV space. So on a polysurface made of 4 faces, each UV area might occupy 1/4 of the space (more or less depending on each surface size). Currently, the export stacks each UV region on top of each other... I can fix this in an external editor, but if there are many regions involved it can be time consuming. Automatic options are always preferred :)

2) When exporting with "weld", would like option to have each section of UV's remain NOT welded. Because currently, if i export to Modo with UV's welded then i must select all related mesh faces related to each surface. then in UV editor i Cut UV's and Paste UV's to make a seperate region. This could take a bit of time for very dense mesh.