New - couple of questions

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Grabula,

Yes, MoI should work well for that, some people have been using it for that purpose already.

> First, can I create files in the STL format?

Yup, just do File / SaveAs and you can save your model to an STL file. STL files contain triangles so during this process your object will be converted to a triangle mesh. There are some controls that show up when you export to adjust the density of the triangles.

> Second, can I create objects that are parametric solids?

"Parametric" is kind of a label used for the UI of a certain kind of modeling system which is slightly different than the way that MoI operates. However, the solids that MoI creates are the same type of solids (called a "NURBS B-Rep"), that parametric solid modelers create.

So yes on the solids, but no on the "parametric" part, but that shouldn't stop you from doing what you need. You can also import the "true solid" information from MoI to a different solid modeling system by using the IGES or 3DM file formats.

> Are there any Tutorials on how to get started?

Here are some links that might help get you started:

It won't be much longer before some better documentation is available.

- Michael