From:  Frank (FRANK-OF-DK)
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Hi Michael :-)

I am not an expert but the way i understand the pivot point, is at the center of an object by default,
where if im using for example 3dsmax, i can move the pivot point as i please.
The way you say it makes me thing hmmm if thats the way "ill never get there"
lets imagen an object like a big galaxy, in that model you will never get to the earth.
I know people mite think, but in a galaxy all the planets and stars are individuals, yes yes
but imagen for a moment they all where connected together by tubes like a big atom model.

I know about the left click (reset view) on SpaceNavegator, but that will definitely never bring me "there" ;-)

For me the SpaceNavigator is an suppley tool to the mouse
( Mouse Right hand - SpaceNavigator Left hand )
i really recommend that people try it.. its a whole new dimension to interaction,
it takes some time to get used to but then me ;-)

hmmmm wered today there where no lag, maybe some Memory Cache thing ?
my pc P4 3400mhz 2gb ram, G7900GT.

hope at least some of it makes sense.

Best Regards
- Frank