From:  Michael Gibson
766.2 In reply to 766.1 
Hi Frank, the way the zoom in the 3D view works is that it moves the camera closer and closer to the rotation pivot point.

So it won't move you past the pivot - when it appears to have frozen that is when you have approached very close to the pivot point, so each additional step towards it is very very small at that point.

This makes it possible to zoom in on a particular point, but it does have this problem of a "getting stuck" type feel.

I'll see if I can tune it up, maybe it would be best if I let it go past the pivot point like some of the other zoom functions, and have an option to turn on the current "focus in on pivot point" style zooming instead.

Also I should mention that you can click the button on the left side of the Space Navigator as a shortcut for doing a view Reset.

Can you describe a little bit more about the problem with moving the mouse at the same time as using the Space Navigator? Over here I can't seem to get any problems when doing that, but it also seems like a kind of unusual thing to do, normally it seems like you would use only one of those at a time, not both simultaneously.

- Michael