Left-handed UI

 From:  Michael Gibson
765.2 In reply to 765.1 
Hi Satoribomb, eventually I would like to make the UI more easily configurable, like have some method to drag parts around to dock them in different areas. But it's going to be a pretty long time before I'll be able to work on that though, it is a pretty complex area.

However, it is possible to set up what you're asking for by editing the UI definition files. All the content that makes up MoI's UI is contained in various files under the \ui subfolder inside MoI's main program folder inside of \Program Files.

You can edit these files inside of a text editor like notepad to change the UI.

For changing the main tool panels location, you'll want to open the file named MainWindowLayout.xml

There's a line that reads: <LayoutPanel dock="right"> - if you change this to say dock="left", then the side pane will be on the left-hand side instead. Note that this will also place the window minimize and close button over there as well, since they are a part of the side pane in MoI.

There's another one below that that says <LayoutPanel dock="bottom"> - this controls the command bar with File / Undo, etc on it, if you change that to say dock="top", then the command bar will show up at the top instead.

- Michael