Couple of questions?

 From:  Michael Gibson
764.2 In reply to 764.1 
Hi Paul,

re: Area zoom on a shortcut key - try this as the command:

script:var v = moi.ui.getActiveViewport(); if ( v ) v.interactiveViewChange('zoomarea');

That should trigger the area zoom on the viewport that the mouse is over.

re: #2 grid size label -

Change the "binding0" there to just "binding" - in the last beta I cleaned up some of the syntax a bit, this was one of the changes. Once you change that, the grid size should show up in there and be editable, but there isn't currently any way to make a numeric text input box like that not get activated when you push the decimal point.

But if all you want is a readout, then that is possible by using a different element to just display the grid size, it has to be set up to have the "binder" on it that handles reflecting properties back and forth, here's a minimal version:

Grid size: <span style="behavior:url(#default#PropertyBinder);" binding="innerText < moi.grid.size">

In this case the binding="innerText < moi.grid.size" sets up a one-way binding, where changes in the moi.grid.size property will funnel in and update the span's innerText property.

If I understand you right, this should get you set up!

- Michael