Couple of questions?

 From:  Paul (AIRGLASS)
Hi Micheal,
A few questions:
1. Is there a way to activate the "Area" zoom window function via a hotkey?
2. I've been attemoting to add a grid size label to the end of the SidePane. I've
managed to add a textbox to the end using this code:

added to the end of SidePane.htm:

<moi:PaletteHeader id="CommandHeader" style="font-size:14px;">
<moi:PaletteBody style="padding:2px;">
<moi:Text textid="Grid size label">
<input class="numericinput" binding0="numericValue = moi.grid.size">

It displays fine on the gui, but the textbox won't display the grid size and when I try to use the "period" key as a hotkey, the focus shifts to the textbox and enters a period. Is there a way to display a textbox or label showing the current grid size without the textbox accepting keyboard input? (I'm trying to set up the zoom function using . and / as hotkeys).

The new beta is looking good , no bugs yet! Thanks!