Fillet&Blend issues

 From:  tyglik
751.3 In reply to 751.2 
Hi Michael,

>>If you did not pick that extended intersection vertex as one to fillet,
>>it would cancel the extension and only do the corners that you had selected.

Do you mean it would be necessary to pick each internal corner points or select it by windowing to fillet all internal corners on multiple curve selection or it would work in the following way?
- picking at least one intersection vertex results in doing fillet only on it
- picking intersection vertex along with other internal corner(s) points results in doing fillet on each selected points
-picking at least one internal corner with no intersection vertex selection results in filleting those selected internal corner points
-pushing "Done" button without picking anything results in filleting all internal corner points
If I wanted to fillet the curves completely - both internal corners and intersection vertex points - I would have to select all of selectable points...