Fillet&Blend issues

 From:  Michael Gibson
751.2 In reply to 751.1 
Hi Petr,

re: #1 curve/curve fillet
> Is it the intended effect?

I just hadn't really figured out yet how this should work, since a fillet between 2 curves is a bit of a different process than filleting an internal corner of a single curve. The fillet between 2 curves allows for curves to be extended linearly as part of the fillet process.

So for now if you select 2 curves it will do that curve/curve with possible extensions style, and you will only get the "internal corner" fillet style (where you select vertices to fillet) if you select just one curve to fillet.

Thinking about it a bit now, it seems like it would be possible to merge these methods together into one mechanism.

Here's what I am thinking - if you have 2 curves selected and there are no internal corners on either one (like 2 lines), then it would work the way it does now, using the sort of classic fillet with extension method.

If the 2 curves have internal corner points in them, then I could try to extend and intersect them, and then show that intersection vertex as a selectable point along with the other internal corner points. If you did not pick that extended intersection vertex as one to fillet, it would cancel the extension and only do the corners that you had selected. That way the vertex selection process would implicitly control whether you were doing the extension or not.

That seems like it would work as a more unified curve filleting method, and then that would make it possible to do internal corners on a multiple curve selection. Do you think this would work?

However, it will be a chunk of work to overhaul all of that, it will have to wait until after V1, but it would be nice to have a plan for it worked out.

re: #2 - prepick just one curve for blend or fillet.

This is easy to fix for blend, since it always requires 2 inputs to do anything. So I've adjusted the command script for blend for the next beta to look for a minimum of 2 curves before finishing the picking phase. But it is not so easy to fix for fillet, since there are several cases where it is valid to select just one object for filleting, so I'll have to leave that one as-is for now.

Thanks for the feedback, and let me know what you think about the potential new curve fillet method above.

- Michael