Fillet&Blend issues

 From:  tyglik
Hi Michael,

I have some questions about Blend and Fillet commands. Let's say...

I draw two rectangles, select both and start Fillet command. Moi tries to combine those shapes into common one using fillets instead of filleting each one of them individually. Is it the intended effect?

I want to make a blend of two curves, but before starting Blend command I pre-select ONE of the curves. It results in skipping the initial selection dialog prompt so there is no chance to select other curves and the only thing the user can do in that moment is to push the cancel button... This behaviour is not the same for Fillet command - in this case the command is canceled automatically after running the command with pre-selected curve. I am not really sure if the Fillet and Blend ought to cancel command automatically or allow user to continue selecting the curve(s). I think the latter is more reasonable. What do you think of it?