tablet or mouse?

 From:  Corzair (SUHAIB)
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I first used Moi Beta with a tablet pc and its really good especially at drawing curves
infacr drawing curves with MoI better then most illustrator type software but thats as side point

when using Moi with a mouse its better then I thought it would be and you dont have to have a second hand hovering over the keyboard all the time which is something i definetly appriciated.

so either way its really good IMHO

anyway I'll probably add a graphics tablet to my desktop machine
in a recent review in 3D World Magazine The Genius (yep genius) PenSketch 9x12 got a really good review
an good inexpensice gfx Tablet thats about £85/$196
review quote "here's a tablet to challenge Wacom's dominance"