"Merge" Files?

 From:  Michael Gibson
749.7 In reply to 749.6 
Hi Michael, I haven't quite figured out all the details on exactly how the licensing stuff will work, I'm probably going to focus on that as a final step for V1 once the documentation is complete.

So nothing is finalized yet, I can only tell you what my best guess is to answer your questions.

> 1.) When V1 is available, will I be able to have it loaded on my PC and my
> stick from one (license as it were) purchase?

I would like to enable this, probably the license will let you run it on multiple computers just as long as only one person is using a particular license at a time.

I was thinking I'd like to have some kind of moi_license.key type file that contained your license info, that you could copy to your USB stick so you could bring MoI around with you. One of the cool things about MoI is that it is totally self-contained and can run directly from a USB stick unlike most other CAD programs, and I would like to keep it working like that.

> 2.) Will updates/upgrades (say to V2) be free to licensed users or will there
> be some sort of maintenance fee?

Service releases or minor version upgrades (like from a version 1.0 to 1.1 if that happens) will be free to licensed users, but there will be a fee for major version upgrades like from 1.0 to 2.0 .

- Michael