Feature Request

 From:  Michael Gibson
747.2 In reply to 747.1 
Hi TwinSnakes, this type of functionality is usually part of a rendering package. I'm not really planning on doing any rendering type stuff for V1.

Creating a normal map doesn't exactly come for free just by using DirectX, it basically involves taking the normals from an object and reconstructing those normals into a texture map, where rgb values reflect xyz normal data.

MoI isn't currently doing any kind of texture creating like that, so it is not exactly something that can be easily added by just tweaking the existing system...

I think Blender has some functionality for creating normal maps... (http://www.blender.org/development/release-logs/blender-236/normal-maps/)

You should be able to read in OBJ files generated from MoI and then use Blender to render normal maps out.

- Michael