More feedback notes (modem model)

 From:  Michael Gibson
73.5 In reply to 73.4 
> -shift key thing= I personally don't mind this. That key combo is
> common in many packages. This is how I found out it worked in MOI

Whoops, I got confused for a moment, I actually forgot that I put that shift + right drag for panning in there.

I don't know if you've noticed, but there is an auto-scroll mechanism for pan which kicks in when you move nearby the edge of the viewport.

> re: hide

Yeah, this is the problem - hide is not recorded as an actual undoable action right now. So when you do an undo, it doesn't care about the hide, it doesn't do anything for the hide and just goes to the to the last "real" action in the undo stack - that is something that actually created, deleted, or altered geometry.

Right now hide is considered to be about the same as selection - if you select an object and then undo, it doesn't undo the selection, it undoes the last changing operation.

I'm thinking of changing this for both hide and selection, so that if you make a selection or hide mistake, you can hit undo to step back to the previous state.

- Michael