More feedback notes (modem model)

 From:  dooki
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Hey Michael,

-shift key thing= I personally don't mind this. That key combo is common in many packages. This is how I found out it worked in MOI.
- Rotate copy= I guess I was thinking about a multiple polar array. (5 copies @ 35deg) I used the copy option within rotate but I could only make one copy at a time.
- Grouping/boolean= OK, so in the side view I select the main body as my "base" object, then drag select all the cylinders for the second selection. Great! I didn't think about that.
- undo/hide= when I tried to undo the hide command I brought back an oject that I had previously deleted. In other words I would delete something, work a little, hide something and undo the hide, this would recall the deleted object. make sense?
- Thanks for the words on the comments. I'll keep em coming when I can and what ever happens happens!