More feedback notes (modem model)

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Dooki, I'll just go through and comment one by one anyway.

> though I do like using the shift key to pan in 3D view.

I'll be trying to set this up for the next beta so you'll be able to have some control over this.

> - copy array? multiple copies?

I see you could have certainly used it for this model. This should be coming up shortly too.

> Rotate with a copy option?

The new beta has this - inside rotate you can use the control key to drop a copy, and there is also a "Make copies" checkbox as well. There will be a different kind of angular array tool coming up with the grid array one, for doing a specified number of rotated copies in one go.

> <....> It would be great to simplify this.

Could you please post a sample model of this one to illustrate it further? I kind of understand but it is not 100% clear.

> Grouping. To cut in the vent holes I had to select each one of the cylinders to boolean.

You should be able to do a window select when you're doing a boolean - probably for this one you should start to the upper-right side of the cylinders in the front or right view, then drag to the left to capture the tops of the cylinders. When you drag from right to left the box will show as dashed and that lets you capture anything that crosses the box.

Actual grouping is something that is a ways off, I want to see if it is possible to combine layers and groups into a more unified type of organization tool. This is one of those areas that will be missing for a while until it kind of firms up some more.

> Text tool.

I'd like to do this for V1, not quite sure when yet.

> Layers?

Probably not for a while, as per grouping above...

> I would make a mistake by hiding something I wasn't suppose to and
> would have to show everything and then re-select and re-hide again.

What if it was possible to undo a hide or even a selection change? One thing I have thought of is to keep some actions like this as undoable things, but they would get cleared out of the undo log whenever anything altered any actual geometry. This way they wouldn't fill the undo log up so completely, but still probably be at hand when they were needed.

Would that have helped?

> - Simple color pallet to separate details?

Probably going to drag my feet for a while on this one too.

Please keep the comments coming, they are really helpful, especially when you keep track of them right after a modeling session like this. Please don't get discouraged when I say that a particular thing is going to be a while, I just want to let people know what my current thoughts are. But the more comments I hear, the more I understand what problems people are running into and it helps prioritize things. Some pieces are just going to come slowly because the proper design for them hasn't revealed itself yet... :)

- Michael