More feedback notes (modem model)

 From:  dooki
Hi Michael,

Enjoy working with MOI!

This a second model done in MOI. This was done in just under an hour. All with a tablet and stylus, though I do like using the shift key to pan in 3D view. Rendered in Carrara5 (used preset scene) but for some reason not all the holes rendered. It shows up in wireframe mode so I know it's C5 rendering engine doing it.

Things I found:
- copy array? multiple copies?
- Rotate with a copy option?
-To keeps parts as a solid I had to make a copy of components and then boolean. When I want to copy and hide it I have select an item, make a copy, deselect it, re-select again (thus picking one of the two copies) and then hide. It would be great to simplify this.
- Grouping. To cut in the vent holes I had to select each one of the cylinders to boolean. Would be great to group them all and one entity.
- Text tool. I was going to add in the logo name from rhino but ran out of time. I wanted to keep this under and hour work time.
- Layers? Since I was trying to keep these are solids I have to make copies of different components. I had to hide these as I went a long. I would make a mistake by hiding something I wasn't suppose to and would have to show everything and then re-select and re-hide again.
- Simple color pallet to separate details?

Thanks again!!