From:  Michael Gibson
726.4 In reply to 726.3 
Hi Eddi,

> (To date without Solution).

I think the next beta will have the solution for you! :)

> Generally question to TrimCommand: It will be possible, to find all intersections automatic?

Yes! The way it works is at the "Select cutting objects" prompt, you can also just push "Done" (or right-click) there if you want to cut each object with one another.

However, in the current beta it will only calculate self-intersection points when there is only one single curve selected as the object to trim. I have changed this for the next beta so that it will always look for self-intersection points on curves, even when there are multiple curves involved.

So in the next beta if you select both those curves, then run "Trim", you can just hit "Done" instead of picking any Trim points and it will find all of them automatically.

- Michael