MOI is Blocked

 From:  Michael Gibson
723.2 In reply to 723.1 
Hi Juan, I've heard of this a few times, it appears to be caused by an installation problem of IE7.

Occasionally the upgrade to IE7 does not work properly and something becomes messed up in the registry which creates this problem in MoI as a side effect.

If this never happened on your machine before, then probably you only recently upgraded from IE6 to IE7 ?

The easiest way to fix it is to use a special "Reset" button inside of IE, it is mentioned on this blog: .

Inside Internet Explorer, go to Tools Menu, Internet Options, Advanced Tab, and click on the "Reset" button near the bottom of the dialog - there is a picture of the dialog on that blog above.

Please let me know if that Reset button does not solve your problem.

- Michael