MOI is Blocked

 From:  Michael Gibson
723.12 In reply to 723.11 
Hi Brian,

> In some 5 years I am sure I have never had a problem that can be blamed on IE. ---any version!

I'm sure that's correct, but I doubt that the other software you have used in the past 5 years integrates with IE in quite the same manner that MoI does. One bad side effect of this integration is that it makes MoI more vulnerable than other programs to some kinds of installation or configuration glitches in IE.

The few people who have previously ran across that problem have been able to fix it either by using the new IE7 "Reset" button that I described earlier, or in one case by uninstalling IE7 and going back to IE6.

That has pretty well narrowed it down to some kind of configuration problem in the IE7 installation...

Unfortunately it's a bit tough to figure out exactly what specific thing is messed up in the registry to cause this to happen. I'll poke around a bit more and see if I can find anything.

- Michael