MOI is Blocked

 From:  Michael Gibson
723.10 In reply to 723.9 
Hi Juan,

> Why only with an user this event does happen and other not?

You mean the script error? It appears to be caused by an error in the installation of IE7. Some settings in the system registry are not correct and interfere with MoI's operation.

That's why using that Reset button, or uninstalling IE7 should normally solve it.

Are you still seeing that error with IE7 uninstalled?

I'm not sure what the exact registry configuration problem is though, if I knew it I could probably fix it up automatically.

My guess is that it may be related to some bad interaction with your virus checker during the IE7 install.

> Will the validation code be a correspondent in a package and since time is the license?

I haven't quite figured out yet how the license key stuff will work. You will probably get some kind of code e-mailed to you.

> Print is include in V-1?

No, I'm sorry printing will not be included in version 1.0, you will currently have to use some other CAD software to handle printing. Rhino works well for this since you can easily exchange models between MoI and Rhino.

- Michael