cutter asst

 From:  Michael Gibson
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> sorry everything is related to jewelry making

Hi Pat, nothing to be sorry about, thanks for posting these!

MoI is being used by quite a few people for jewelry design, so this is a great place to post any and all jewelry related stuff.

It's great to see how these cutters can be used to place as many stones as you want!

The only thing is these files are somewhat large (even zipped, although that helps a lot), pretty soon you'll fill up all the space available to you for attachments here on the forum so at that point you'll probably need to use some kind of file sharing service like divShare, either that or post just the cutting piece itself and then a JPEG screenshot of some examples, instead of the actual model files of the examples with many stones in them.

At some point I'd like to tune things up so that file size is not as much of an issue in the forum but it will be a little while before I'll be able to work on that.

- Michael