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 From:  Michael Gibson
719.2 In reply to 719.1 
Hi Paul, yes it should be easy for me to tweak that - I had thought that Maya used Alt + Ctrl + _Left_ button for zooming, I guess it must use both that and Alt + Right button as well? I'll tweak this so that you can use either one in MoI as well. You can also currently use Ctrl + right mouse button (which Rhino uses), the scroll wheel, or the zoom button. So that's 5 or 6 different ways, hopefully that should be enough! :)

> The ability to centre over a particular part or point on the model would make a huge improvement.

There are 2 different methods that you can use for this.

First, if you have an object selected you can hit the "Reset" button in the view controls panel that shows up at the bottom of a viewport when your mouse is inside of the viewport. A second push of "Reset" will zoom to the extents of the whole scene, and a right-click on it will do it to all viewports instead of just that one. When you use it to zoom to a selected object it will also set the view rotation pivot point at the center of the bounding box of that object. This also works on sub-objects as well, so for example if there is one edge that is in the area you want to work on, select the edge and then reset the view to that and you will pivot easily around that edge.

You can also set the rotation pivot to a specific point by using the "Area" zoom on that same view controls panel. That lets you pick a point and then you get a rectangle around the point - the point that you pick becomes the center of the view and also the exact point that you will rotate around.

- Michael