anyone could help me with a spoon?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Look great Pilou!

@Jack - This is definitely the way to get started - try to draw some curves that outline your shape and then use some of the construction tools to kind of put a surface "skin" over the curves.

One way to build a surface is with Construct / Loft, where each curve is a cross-section of the resulting surface, that's what Pilou used here.

You can also use Construct / Sweep which allows you to specify 2 "rail" curves along the sides in addition to the cross-sections, which can give you additional control.

Also Construct / Network can be used in a similar way, for that one you can have a "network" of curves that cross each other in 2 directions.

Loft is kind of the easiest to start with, since it uses fewer curves but if you want more control over the shape you might need to move to using Sweep or Network. Let me know if you need some help with any of these additional surfacing commands.

Also if you get started with drawing some curves and have a problem making progress on your spoon, please post what you have here and that will help make it easier to make some specific suggestions on how to move forward with your model.

- Michael