From:  Michael Gibson
71.2 In reply to 71.1 
> I d like to be able to add point but also to remove it.

Select the point and use delete to do this.

> When i add a point a snap between the 2 point around it would be cool
> and also the ability to keep the shape( actually adding point distort the
> shape a bit).

Yeah, right now when you add a point, it produces the same result as if you had used the Curve/Control points tool to draw it with those new points, which alters the shape.

There is a secondary mode to adding points, you can add a point to a curve that does not have control points turned on, it will add a point to the curve without modifying the shape, instead the control points will be shifted around a bit in that general area where you clicked. This mode of "add directly to curve" is also available when points are turned on, but the other mode of adding a point in between the hull of two existing points takes preference - but if you move the mouse nearby the curve where it is not close to a control point hull line, you can snap on to the curve and do it then too. It is easier to turn points off to make sure it will grab on to the curve instead of the hull though. Let me know if this doesn't make sense.

Use the "repeat" check box if you want to add many points.

> and a selection of row or column.

This one will probably be a little bit longer.

> the ability to use ref image, and an iges exporter and stl

These are getting pretty high in priority, it shouldn't be too much longer before these get done.

- Michael