Feature request - Boolean Split

 From:  Maximus (MAX)
Yes interface overload as you mentioned is a major issue with apps like Rhino, there's a gazillion tiny buttons, commands and menues to scroll through to find what you're looking for. :) it can easily scare off newbies when they try to get started in nurbsmodeling. That's one place where Moi has an advantage due to it's simplicity.

Good to hear you would like to add variable fillets and chamfers and also chain edges, but i fully understand it's best for a 1.x release than 1.0 as i understand you're pretty much finished with your 1.0 release by now. No rush tho, take the time you need to do it well so the functions are stable and solid, rushing it will only result in a poor job. :)

Great tip about selecting the face to fillet the edges, i missed that one. Thanks! :)

Btw, here's a quick 60 min modeling test i ran last night with Moi. It's supposed to be a cablemodem..

[Edit] : And a 2 hour testrendering of the Moi model.

/ Magnus

EDITED: 29 Jun 2007 by MAX